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Any time you can reduce clicks of the mouse or taps on the keyboard you’re moving closer to the perfect solution.  We spend a lot of the day clicking, and it’s amazing what a timesaver it is just to cut back on those little actions we do all day long with our fingers.

Take a moment to imagine what someone from 200 years ago would think were they to witness a modern “work environment”.  Outside of the obvious reactions to computer screens and our ridiculous clothes, how could they possibly rectify anything we’re doing with “work”?  We sit all day and click things with our fingers.  The vast majority of us.  This is our modern “work”.  That would probably be harder to understand by our 200-year-old visitor than anything else.

But maybe that’s a subject for a different blog.  🙂  Today we want to tell you about a major work saver we’ve just implemented.  A click saver.  It’s the ability to track your orders from directly within ManageByStats.

In some ways it’s a game changer.

On the Transactions page we’ve now added a Track column, with a big orange Track button (we’re nothing if not original), and if you click it you’ll be taken directly to the carrier’s site and that specific order (when the tracking info is available), right to the screen with the latest tracking information.  Now, instead of navigating elsewhere, or clicking over to Amazon or copying order info and pasting into the carrier’s website … you can find the order in ManageByStats, click the Track button and you’re there.

Thanks for reading along and keeping up with these blogs.  Our goal is to keep you informed about the latest goings-ons, updates and features with the program, and slide in a little additional insight wherever we can.  We’re Amazon sellers too, so we’re always looking for ways to do it better.

Thank you.  Here’s to your success.