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Quickly Update SKUs Pricing

Today ManageByStats announced a new feature for their Amazon seller software which allows users to easily update the cost of goods on all SKUs.  This is the latest feature in a series of updates to the popular ManageByStats software, a browser-based program created exclusively for Amazon sellers.  ManageByStats brings information from all of a user’s Amazon Seller Accounts together in one place, allowing centralized management of inventory, pricing, sales statistics and more.

“This latest update makes it incredibly easy to update pricing,” says MangeByStats CEO, Philip Jepsen.  “Now users can download a spreadsheet from the SKUs page, make their changes quickly and easily in the spreadsheet, then upload the spreadsheet to immediately update the pricing in their Amazon account.  This is a huge time saver for clients with a lot of SKUs.”

With ManageByStats’ Inventory Management system users are able to view metrics on all products in one place, with multiple filtering options, to get a clear view of how much of each product is on hand, when restocking should occur and other valuable information.  With this new feature for updating SKUs pricing the speed with which pricing can be adjusted, especially across multiple products, has been greatly improved.

“Our focus is on speed and access to information,” says Mr. Jepsen.  “ManageByStats has been built from the ground up to provide all the tools an Amazon seller needs to see vital information at a glance and make critical decisions quickly and with confidence.  The core tools have been working great for users since the introduction of the program, and our development cycle has continued in earnest.  Even as users are telling us how much they love it, they’re giving us their ideas for how to make it even better.  This update to the way SKUs pricing is done changes are made is just the latest in a series of improvements we’re engineering.”

ManageByStats is cloud-based with a pay as you go pricing model.  All features and updates become available immediately as they are released.  For more details on the ManageByStats program please visit the company’s website.  If interested parties have further questions, they are invited to contact the company directly by email.