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To build a successful ecommerce site, you need to sell the right products, market them correctly, and, of course, persevere! So, what should you sell? The popularity of certain product categories does change depending on trends, so it’s important to reevaluate your stock each year to remain in a profitable position.

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The pandemic showed just how quickly items can rise in demand. Buyers’ needs and interests need to be monitored consistently, and doing so will provide great insight as to which categories can help your ecommerce store grow.

So, what could be a good choice for 2022? Read on to learn more about the already-growing product categories and items you should know about.

Great product categories for 2022

Wireless charging systems

Since remote and hybrid working are the new normal, most people have already purchased essential items such as desks and office chairs. However, wireless accessories could be a profitable category this year as they’re great for at-home work setups and provide greater freedom for using technology on the go.

Wireless charging stations, wireless headphones and phone-charging cases could all be smart choices. While wireless products aren’t new, there’s been a large shift in recent times from traditional wired technology to more convenient wireless items — and as people begin travelling again, this kind of technology is a must-have!

Portable blenders

If you’re looking to sell health and fitness items, why not think outside of the box instead of going down the route of exercise equipment? There will always be major demand for traditional fitness gear, but portable blenders are a rising trend in 2022 as people want to stay healthy while running errands, commuting, and doing other tasks outside.

If you’re going to take this route, though, be careful with your profit margins. You might want to create bundles containing blenders and other items useful for starting with healthy blending. That way, you can charge more for your expert curation.

Plants and horticulture products

The demand for house plants has boomed, but that’s not all: people are also looking for other horticulture items. Since almost everyone has some sort of houseplant, people are finding new ways to feed their plant obsessions. That’s where terrariums come in. Terrariums appeal to plant lovers, those interested in home decor, and people looking for new hobbies.


Athleisure clothing are items that are designed to be worn for working out and everyday wear. 2020 was a big year for comfortable clothing since everyone was at home and comfort was a number one priority, but the trend is still going strong. There are so many different items that fall under this category, so there’s plenty of scope for finding something great.

Take leggings, for example. According to Google Trends, leggings have been firm favorites among buyers and continue to rise in popularity, but each year sees a different style become the main focus. Social media trends have boosted styles such as ‘scrunch leggings’ and ‘seamless leggings’, and they remain strong contenders. Why not target them?

Baby bottles

Baby and children’s products (usually items of clothing) are always top sellers, but one avenue that could prove to be lucrative this year is baby bottles. More specifically, particular types of bottles such as silicone bottles, glass bottles, or newborn bottles are doing big business. If you understand the market well, this could be a great option for you.

How to be competitive

Finding the right products is only the start, because you then need to find an edge over the many other operations selling the same things. The following tips will help you succeed:

  • Add value where you can. Profit margins have grown extremely slim due to so many sellers offering the same products, and this goes for everything (not just the worst cases, such as the portable blenders alluded to earlier). To make sales and make money, you need to add value by making your listings more interesting.

Expand your product copy to better explain what makes the products interesting. Showcase them with high-quality photos. Include FAQs to help buyers use them properly. If you can do all of these things, it will make it worthwhile for someone to spend more to buy something from your store specifically.

  • Invest in relevant software. Doing everything yourself just isn’t tenable given today’s shopper expectations. Only through supporting software can you free up enough time to focus on product research and customer service. Master the world’s most prominent marketplace with Amazon seller tools, ensuring that you take full advantage of everything from PPC to social proof.

And if you have the budget to manage it, set up an external store to complement your Amazon storefront and give you more leeway for experimenting. You can still lean on the Amazon ecosystem (getting easy AWS hosting through Cloudways, for instance), and even sync your inventories. The key goal is simply to get more exposure.

  • Forge a brand identity. Why should people root for you to succeed? What makes you interesting? Telling a story will help immensely. Look at how top influencers become so significant. They get their followers invested in their personal stories and expertise, then use that faith to make their recommendations more potent.

You might not have a captivating story to tell, but find something worth mentioning. Maybe you have a big overarching goal for your business, or something that motivates you beyond money. Let people get to know you. It’ll help.


Using these tips won’t guarantee success, of course, but it’ll definitely increase your chances of making decent money selling these popular products.

Ready to make a big push as an online seller? 2022 has plenty of great opportunities if you’re willing to wait for the right products and learn as you go. Make good decisions, stay the course, and you’ll have a great chance at thriving.