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How To Use Amazon Keyword Tools

It’s no secret keywords are “key” when it comes to online retail, and this is true times 2 on Amazon. Whereas coming up for keywords is what gets you found elsewhere, when someone searches on Amazon they’re there, in most every case, with a laser focus on the thing they came to buy. Keyword tools are what get you there.

People go to Amazon with a specific item in mind to purchase, and they find that item using the keywords they believe best describe it.Keyword tools are therefore important for Amazon sellers.

Keyword tools help you find, apply and monitor these all-important foundations of selling on Amazon.

Keyword Tools: What To Know

Half the battle on Amazon, or maybe even all of the battle, is having your product listing come up in shopper searches.

The Amazon marketplace is a beautiful thing, in that when people go there they go knowing what they want. They’re rarely there to shop casually as you would in a retail store, but instead go to Amazon when they’re ready to buy.

And so you’ve already got a shopper who is, in essence, sold.

Your goal, then, is to be the item they decide to spend their money on.

It starts with discovering and naming the relevant keywords you want your product to rank for. See what keywords your competitors are ranking for, find the hot keywords for your product and apply them to your listing and use them in your ad campaigns.

Once you have the keywords in use you want to track them. Tracking tools will give you visibility into each keyword and its rank, so you can see how each is doing and where you need to improve.

Winning for the best keywords means increased traffic to your listing.

Behind The Research

It helps to know a bit about how Amazon approaches product ranking. You may have heard of their top-secret algorithm, the basis for pretty much all of the Amazon search experience.

It’s called A9, and it ranks products in two general ways.


Amazon determines if your product shows up for specific search terms in the search results. This is where your keyword tools can help manage and tighten your keyword results.Amazon considers keywords in the following fields of your product listing:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Bullet Points
  • Backend Keywords (the ones you’ve specified)

Product Performance

Amazon determines the keyword specific ranking position of your product by looking at the performance history of your product. These include things like CTR (click-through rate), Conversion Rates and Sales.

The better your product performs, the better it will rank.

For that reason, optimizing for keywords can greatly improve your ranking.

Optimizing The Results

Your listing is where it begins and ends. Optimizing for ranking, by maximizing the use of your most lucrative keywords, is the way it’s done.

First thing the shopper sees is the Title. This is also one of the most important places to include keywords. Be sure to include your brand as well.

The suggested Amazon format is:

Next are Bullet Points. Bullet Points are your opportunity to sell your product in a short form, using your best keywords. Provide compelling information to close the buyer. Identify common needs and address them.Remember, your listing is your virtual salesman. The customer has come into the store and is looking at your product on the shelf, deciding whether to buy.Anticipate their concerns and address them.

As well, incorporate the associated keywords in your Product Description. Unlike the Bullet Points, with the Product Description you can get more creative. Be more conversational with your written dialogue. Elaborate on key items.

Keywords underlie everything.

In addition to using them within the listing itself you’ll provide them as Search Terms so Amazon knows those keywords are associated with your product.

There are tools for optimizing your product listings as well.

Winning The Amazon Game

Keyword tools help with all of this. Tools help:

  • Find relevant keywords.
  • Compare competitor results.
  • Track keyword ranking to direct improvement.
  • Optimize your product listing for maximum conversions.

Winning the Amazon game is all about being the product that rises to the top when a shopper searches, with a listing that then closes them for the sale.

Keywords are central to this. Use your keyword tools to drive results and watch your Amazon business soar.

To your selling success.