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Done being on Amazon’s naughty list?

MBS’s SellerMail – Buyer-Seller messaging and Review Request automation, set it and forget it, within Amazon’s TOS… you may breathe again.

Want Amazon to get reviews for you?

With ManageByStats, you can automate one of Amazon’s newest features in buyer-seller messaging… the ability to have AMAZON ask for a review for you. Nifty ain’t it?

You'll never worry about getting tripped up by Amazon

Let’s face it, for those of you who’ve sent out buyer-seller messages, you’ve got a “couple” rules to contend with and, while SellerMail will help you navigate those rules, our review request doesn’t have to worry about ANY of that. We’re simply automating what Amazon wants done.

Yes, you can do it manually if you'd like. (Though we don't understand that AT ALL...)

If you’re feeling nostalgic… or you’re just a glutton for punishment, you can go individual order by individual order in Seller Central to click the button to trigger Amazon’s review request… or you could just use our tool and click buttons no more. We’ll do it for you.

Amazon doesn't always send so we keep trying till it does

Amazon has a number of reasons it WON'T send out the review request. Some of them aren’t permanent. Because of that, we’ll keep trying for 30 days until we get the the request to go through… Kinda cool, eh?

Want to See it in Action?

So we’ve shown you our Automatic Review Request. Now take a look at the rest SellerMail has to offer in our short features video:

Set up as many sequences as you need.

Decide when and under what conditions buyer emails will be sent by creating custom email sequences for brands, product lines, or individual products.

Create and schedule custom emails and sequences

Send a single message to all customers who order. Or… dive deep into the filtering and only send to customers who have ordered more than 3 times and spent over a $ threshold.

Trigger emails to your customers based on multiple criteria

Set triggers based on Purchase, Shipped, Product Refund, Order ID #. Set a custom time delay so the email only sends after one of the above has been active for __ amount of time.

Refine email rules by Brand, ASIN or SKU

Create custom email rules to send only to customers that buy a certain Brand, ASIN or SKU. You can create as many or as few email rules as you like. Mix this up with any of the other filters to refine your parameters.

Trusted By Some of the Most Prestigious Companies & Coaches in the Industry:

Meet your Amazon Seller Assistant.

Whether you can justify a living, breathing Amazon assistant or not, we’ve got you covered. Even if you do have assistants, SellerMail can help them as much as it does you.

With SellerMail, you can offload the tedious task of following up with each customer after a purchase. Instead, personalized messages are delivered to each customer automatically.

Start your 14 day free trial today… Because free is AWESOME… just sayin’

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Mail-merge variables let you personalize messages

Based on customer name, the product they purchased, and dozens of other options. Choose whether or not to include tracking info, order status and more. The fact is that every buyer prefers receiving an Amazon sales email after making a purchase, as it shows them the transaction has been confirmed and is being prepared.

Personalized eMails to your customers

With SellerMail, you can easily create the feeling of one-off emails sent specifically to each customer for their particular order.

Choose how soon after each trigger event to send emails

Multiple options let you set criteria for when and under what conditions emails are queued. Things like purchase history, refund status, feedback and more can be factored into the criteria that your Amazon assistant, SellerMail, will use to custom-build each email.

Add attachments & Coupons

Amazon allows attachments in your buyer/seller messages if you didn’t know! We allow up to an 8mb file to be attached. This is a perfect way to provide some added value with a .pdf.

Start your 14 day free trial today… really… what do you have to lose?

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Let’s face it, you can’t do this with Seller Central alone

There are tasks that Amazon’s Seller Central just doesn’t offer the tools to fulfill. This means you either need to do them manually, or you need a great suite of Amazon Seller tools such as our buyer-seller messaging or automated review request features. Check out what else you can do with SellerMail:

See overall statistics

You can also see send and open rates for individual emails, unsubscribe rates and more.

Split-test messages to find your best performers

Create multiple messages & determine which get the best response and results.

Create custom sender profiles

Create multiple sender profiles tailored to use for certain brands, ASINs. or even SKUs. Include your logo and other personalized info to create a fully customized template.

Lots of Filters

Refund Status. Feedback Status. Lifetime Value and MANY more.

Automatically include individual coupon codes

Create coupons to automatically populate into your messages. They say 80% of your income can come from 20% of your customers…

Add attachment

Add instructional PDFs and other attachments to increase the value of your email.

"Having SellerMail has been a game changer for me. I used to use the Amazon message center to contact each customer, now I just set it and forget it."

— D.C.

Naaah… I can do it myself in Seller Central!… Right?

The only way to do any of the above tasks in Seller Central is manually… Doing this on a daily basis for every order is tedious at best! SellerMail automates 100% of these VITAL actions

Don’t have a grasp on PPC?

Amazon PPC is an ever-evolving beast. In its earliest stages it might have been easy but with more features and more competition, you have to be at the top of your game to compete. Rest assured, the subject can be learned and MASTERED. Find out how:

Want someone to manage your PPC for you?

Whether you’re lacking the time, expertise… or the patience, we’ve got a solution for you. Between our experienced PPC managers and our proprietary artificial intelligence, trust your advertising is in the best hands imaginable.

And that’s just the tip of the ManageByStats iceberg…

Tools to get your PRODUCTS out of the gate with a vengeance!

Whether your finding your first product or your 1000th.


Whether you’re trudging your way through your first Amazon listing or you’re ballin’ through it like the Jordan that your are.


These tools can help you do it faster,,, MJ would be proud!

Yes, we WILL help you find your next magical Keyword...

Think your competitors are ranking on keywords you want?

Reverse ASIN to your hearts content… But do it juuuuuuust a bit better…

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Catapult your listings into the stratosphere.

So you have a winning product and the perfect set of keywords…

Now build that listing like Michelangelo built the Sistine chapel…

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What AUTOMATION always wanted to be.

Lets face it, we’d all love to automate our business completely… at least up to 100%…


We’d all love Terminator juuuuuust before Judgement Day…


We’d all love our own personal Hal 9000… again… with a little less… well. you know…


Anyways… automate away.

Have us manage your PPC for you...

Winning at PPC can sometime be a pain… I think Scotty from Star Trek said it best:

“The notion of Amazon PPC  is like trying to hit a bullet with a smaller bullet whilst wearing a blindfold, riding a horse.”

At least that’s what we’re told he said…

If that’s what it feels like for you, you should probably click below… oh, if its just that you don’t have time… you should also click below.

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Know your Key Performance Indicators... all in one place.

We’re pretty sure if you ask any Amazon guru, coach (Yes, even a life coach) or course, they’re all going to agree… you need to know your KPIs.

Seriously ask any coach… even ask Yoda… Yeah, we’d consider him a coach.

Pretty sure he’d say, “Greatest coach ever, I am. KPI tracking, you need.”

Find out more, you must!

Taking OPERATIONS to a whole new level.

If you’re looking to up your operations game, we’ve got you covered.


Yeah, a Swiss watch is a fine machine, but let’s face it, with the right tools, your operations can make that watch look like something out of a gum ball machine.


Nothing against the Swiss, they just don’t have MBS…

See it all in one place with our one-of-a-kind Dashboards.

So there’s a lot of information you need to know to run your business… and its DEFINITELY important to see it all in one place.

This could be the one thing you need to make your growth look straight up and vertical…

like ENRON… just without, you know,  the fraud, FBI and prison…

Check it out:

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Advertise like a professional

The MBS Advertising Manager is built by Amazon sellers for Amazon sellers. You don’t even need to step your digital foot into Seller Central. You can do it all right inside MBS! Thanks… we love you too 🙂

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Ready to take your inventory up a notch?

If Amazon changing the inventory rules every couple months isn’t enough, add COVID into the mix and you’ve got a perfect storm…

Unless you’re using our inventory tools… then its easy as stealing candy from a baby.

But, seriously, don’t steal from babies… that’s really mean.

Anyways, make your inventory management easy here:

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"SellerMail has made contacting my customers with vital information a one-time set up and it just runs. HUGE time saver."

— J.C.

I know we’ve reached the end of the page… but hey, why don’t you keep in touch… by doing a free trial?